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  • Recording Engineer

  • Mixing Engineer

  • Audio Lecturer and Consultant

  • Beijing Film Academy Faculty

  • Beijing Contemporary Music Academy Guest Faculty

Peng Huang began to learn music when he was six years old. Almost same as every musician, he started with the piano and met the guitar later. He found his real interest was music because of being a guitarist in a rock band at high school age, and then he got the first sound gig from Guitar Shenzhen as a live sound guy.

In 2014, he was admitted in Beijing Film Academy Sound Department with the highest achieved in the entrance exam grade, since then he was obsessed with classical music recording. With hundreds of recording experience, Peng began to serve as a freelance recording engineer with his own high-end equipment since 2015. From 2015 to 2018, Peng won six CSMPTE Sound Academy Awards in China and was praised as an awarded recording engineer.

In 2020, Peng earned his master degree at Johns Hopkins University Audio Science Department in the United States. During the time he studied in the US, he had chances to work with international musicians including Leon Fleisher, Poulenc Trio, Shanghai Quartet, The U.S. Army Brass Quintet and Brevard Music Center Orchestra. His recordings were broadcasted by WWFM, WBJC, WETA and other radio stations. On the 147th Audio Engineering Society Convention in New York, Peng won AES Student Recording Competition Award in traditional acoustics category. 

Now, Peng returns to China and continues his recording career. He still focuses on classical music recording, and also works on pop music mixing with the skills and experience he learned from recording industry in years. The classical artists who Peng worked with include China Philharmonic Orchestra, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, China National Centre for the Performing Arts Orchestra, Shanghai Rainbow Chamber Singers, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, Hebei Symphony Orchestra and EOS Symphony Orchestra. The pop artists who Peng worked with include WANG Junkai, GUAN Xiaotong Guan, WU Lei, YAN Xujia, WU Xize, DONG Youlin, ZHANG Zifeng, ZHANG Huiwen, etc. The concert halls where Peng worked include NCPA Concert Hall, Beijing Concert Hall, Beijing Zhongshan Park Music Hall, Beijing Poly Theater, Shanghai Symphony Hall, Shanghai Oriental Art Center, Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall, Changsha Concert Hall, Chengdu City Concert Hall and so forth.


Besides being a recording and mixing engineer, Peng is an audio educator. Peng is hired by Beijing Film Academy as a formal faculty to teach music recording, and holding the guest faculty position at Beijing Contemporary Music Academy. He was also invited by HUAWEI, XIAOMI, Tencent, Dolby Laboratories and other institutions to give presentations and lectures.

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